Shakeout 2017

10.4 Million! That's how many individuals registered for today’s Annual Shakeout, a lot of awareness is being raised about how to prepare for earthquakes. I didn’t get a picture of her in action, but Angela took the initiative to distribute Shakeout posters throughout our offices and help raise awareness at AllConnected on how individuals, families, [...]

National Preparedness Month – Know the Risks

9.1.2017 Every day that has gone by this week, we’re continuing to learn more about the devastation caused as Hurricane Harvey hit so many communities and businesses in Texas.  People everywhere are interested in helping.  Communities that I personally am a part of, and IT communities AllConnected is actively engaged with are helping donate food, […]

AllConnected 15 Year Anniversary

AllConnected 15 Year Anniversary

AllConnected is celebrating 15 years of connecting and protecting IT Infrastructure for organizations throughout Ventura and Northern Los Angeles counties. Join us for food, fun, and fascinating information from our key IT vendor partners on Wednesday, June 25th.