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Data Center / Cloud Architecture
Whether you are building a cloud to host dozens or hundreds of virtual servers, we have the expertise to design, implement, migrate, and manage on-premise, off-premise or hybrid clouds. As a VMware Enterprise partner, Cisco Data Center Architecture Specialist, Citrix Solution Provider, and Enterprise-level partner with multiple SAN vendors, AllConnected maintains the enterprise relationships, certified technical staff, procurement team, contracting vehicles, and a North American Service Network to meet nearly all deployment scenarios.

Centralized Storage (SAN)

At the core of private cloud infrastructure is the SAN. With over 1 Petabyte of storage managed across hundreds of servers and multiple datacenters, AllConnected’s team of architects and engineers can design and implement the tiered storage and off-premise replication solution that meets your organization’s needs today and scales into the future.

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Recovery Solutions
While Disaster Recovery focuses on the recovery process involved to restore business to the operational state prior to a disaster, a written and tested Business Continuity Plan ensures that business can continue during a disaster. AllConnected can assist your organization in identifying and prioritizing the recovery process on a per-application basis, ensuring that critical applications are available to the critical disaster response team within the proper time frame.

Backup Recovery Services

Our three-phase approach to Disaster Recovery focuses on (1) the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) for each application critical to your business, (2) how often your DR plan must be tested, and (3) the regular testing of the plan. Read more more about dataConnect for both small and mid-size business.

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Security & Compliance
With security and compliance requirements increasing year after year, complying with standards set by FINRA, HIPPA, and PCI require dedicated resources and processes. Our private cloud, hosted cloud, managed IT services, and disaster recovery services have been designed to meet such compliance requirements. Read more about how outsourcing key components of your infrastructure can simplify your compliance requirements.
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