Secure and Stabilize the #WFH experience for the Long Term

In our changed world – where employees are sequestered, physically disconnected, and working remotely – that’s when they need a stable, secure and collaborative work environment the most. As Gartner indicated in a recent study of CFOs nationwide, 74% intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently, and that 41% of employees are likely [...]
Secure and Stabilize the #WFH experience for the Long Term

Level Up Email Security: Advanced Threat Protection and 10 Tips

As you may know, computer viruses and malware describe a host of constantly evolving malicious software determined to compromise your email security, disrupt company operations and steal your sensitive information. "Due to the common practice of using email as an easy common denominator for electronic communication between business employees,  the threat that email presents will [...]

Employee Cyber Attack Readiness – WFH 8 Tips for Zero Trust

Hackers understand that employees are often the weakest link in an organization’s security. That’s why 98% of cyber attacks rely on some type of social engineering, costing companies $billions every year. Vishing. Baiting. Pretexting. Are you familiar with these new Cyber criminal techniques that can leverage ANY connected employee to breach your security? As an [...]

How Secure Is Your Multi-Factor Authentication?

If today’s cybercriminal obtains your login credentials, he can change your account settings, steal sensitive personal or company data, send out phishing emails as you, and possibly access additional accounts within your organization. Criminals can attempt this “malicious account takeover” through: Hacking: Automated scripts run through various password combinations (AKA, brute force attack) to discover [...]

How to Prepare Your Organization to Fight Ransomware

For today’s cybercriminal, ransomware is a big business. According to a Cybersecurity Venture’s 2019 research, cybercriminals attacked a new organization with ransomware every 14 seconds. They estimate that number to grow to every 11 seconds by 2021 at an annual cost to the global economy of $6 trillion! Their estimates didn’t anticipate the COVID-19 pandemic.  [...]