CETPA 2018 Announcement

AllConnected is excited to be a part of a presentation given on November 15th at 8 am. He will be discussing how to save money while Deploying a Hybrid On-Prem/Cloud-Based Backup AND Disaster Recovery System.  If you are not already planning to go, you can learn more about the event in Sacramento here: CETPA 2018 Schedule.

Come to hear how a client replaced its remote/co-located data backup system with a hybrid on-prem+cloud-based backup AND disaster recovery system and saved big money by doing so. Before we had a disk-based file backup appliance on-premise and a duplicate appliance co-located at the county office of education for redundancy. We did not have a simple recovery solution in the case of catastrophic failure at our data center even though our data was safe.

With help from our local vendor/partner, we were able to replace our backup appliances with a Backup AND Recovery solution that leverages a local backup in concert with cloud-based recovery service and offsite replication of data. We can dynamically switch between our live production servers to our cloud-based recovery services to test business continuity at any time and our solution is able to handle both VMware and HyperV based virtual machines. Best of all, we spent about HALF of the cost we expected to pay for a straight up refresh of our legacy disk-based backup-only solution while ADDING disaster recovery to our operational workflow.

Our solution relies on VEEAM to create a local backup while replicating to an off-site cloud storage service run by our local partner/vendor. VEEAM also allows us to fail over our critical services instantly to the cloud without any intervention on our part. Because our local vendor/partner is hosting and running the cloud service (their cloud servers are located out of state for diversity), they can also assist us with any part of the recovery process should we run into trouble or should I lose critical personnel in the event of an emergency.

For attendees, AllConnected and Veeam are hosting a networking event with food and drinks included later that evening at 5pm on 11/15. In support of the Ventura Gold Coast CETPA Regional Chapter, invitations with directions to the local hotspot will be handed out at the conference presentation. Just make sure to ask a team member for the details while you’re there!