• Infrastructure Disaster
  • Extended Power Outages
  • Natural Disasters
  • Security Threats Like Ransomware

Risks to Think About

New security threats emerge daily. IT standards, policies, and software is always changing. As they do, the likelihood you can recover from an outage within your defined recovery time and point objectives are limited if you don’t have a regularly updated, written plan that is tested and validated by key stakeholders.

Do you have a formal written plan if critical systems go down? When was the last time your disaster recovery plan was tested, and how comprehensive was the test?

When it comes to creating a highly available IT environment that’s prepared for any kind of outage, there are a few things to consider.

The Importance of a Written Plan
Written plans create process that works as expected, every time
The Cost of Downtime
The cost of downtime has increased 38% since 2010
The Importance of Testing
40% of DR plans don’t prove useful when actually called upon.
The Importance of Compliance
Non-compliance records are often published for investors

Being Prepared for an IT Disaster Requires Real World Testing

When it comes to being prepared for the unexpected, it’s about repeated planning, orchestration, documentation of a runbook, and testing at many levels. That’s why there’s value in working with a partner that simplifies the creation of a recovery plan, has a proven process, and experienced engineers ready to support you.

Get a Solid, Verified Plan in Place

Reach out today and schedule an on-site assessment.  Afterwards, we’ll work with you to create a solution that meets your organization’s Recovery Point and Time Objectives, as well as a Runbook so your organization can gain confidence as real world change management is applied through our repeated testing.  Be confident your organization’s Information Technology is prepared for survival.

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