National Preparedness Month – Get Involved

9.26.2017 The month of September is nearly finished, and will go on record as the most active month for Atlantic hurricanes, according to the ACE (Accumulated Cyclone Energy) Index. As we’ve seen with Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma, as well as the three major 8.1, 7.1, and 6.1 earthquakes in Mexico this month, such disasters often […]

National Preparedness Month – Practice Your Plan

9.19.2017 Another week has gone by and we’ve been inundated with news about more disasters.  As CNN reported, Dominca has been ‘knocked to its knees by Hurricane Maria’s might’.  Communication towers have been snapped in two, preventing information from coming in and out of the country.  Blue and Green have changed to Muddy Brown.  People […]

National Preparedness Month – Develop Your Plan

9.11.2017 On this day 16 years ago, you likely remember exactly where you were when a new magnitude of terrorism, and significant loss of life and property caused absolute chaos in the USA.  Myself and another AllConnected engineer were at an all night network upgrade at a client in Los Angeles, grabbing a donut in […]

National Preparedness Month – Know the Risks

9.1.2017 Every day that has gone by this week, we’re continuing to learn more about the devastation caused as Hurricane Harvey hit so many communities and businesses in Texas.  People everywhere are interested in helping.  Communities that I personally am a part of, and IT communities AllConnected is actively engaged with are helping donate food, […]

AllConnected 15 Year Anniversary

AllConnected is celebrating 15 years of connecting and protecting IT Infrastructure for organizations throughout Ventura and Northern Los Angeles counties. Join us for food, fun, and fascinating information from our key IT vendor partners on Wednesday, June 25th.

AllConnected 15 Year Anniversary