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Join us for the AllConnected December 2016 Movie Event!

The AllConnected Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Movie Event

Because lives are at stake, pilots, firefighters, FEMA, doctors, and even our children in schools have checklists that they must practice with regularity to ensure they are ready for unexpected disasters.

Information Technology, and the people who depend on it are the life of your business today. Having a checklist and testing that checklist is crucial to ensure highly available systems are healthy, and that disaster recovery systems work as expected.

Don’t wait until a Sith Lord is in your data center to react. Before the movie, AllConnected’s executives and special guests will spend 20 minutes talking about real disasters and issues that face our community and your IT infrastructure, and some actionable steps we all can take today to mitigate those risks.

We look forward to an exciting event that will be both educational and entertaining.

All attendees are entered into a raffle to win Gift Cards and Prizes !!! 🙂

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