ALL-IN-ONE IT solution

AllConnected’s smartConnect program is an all-in-one IT solution consisting of all four major services. With this comprehensive solution in place, your organization will run more efficiently, securely, and productively.

dataConnect – Can You Identify the Risks to Your Business?

Every business and organization can experience a serious incident which can prevent it from continuing normal operations.

Recover data in as little as 6 mouse clicks
Eliminate unreliable tape backup
Prepare your business for a disaster

safeConnect – It’s 3AM. Who is protecting and watching your network?

The large majority of networks today are unprotected against thousands of potential threats. Much like a physical break-in, your business is always at risk and you generally never know when or how you will be affected. It is important to protect your company’s digital assets from internal and external threats.

supportConnect – Are the essentials being neglected?

Our supportConnect essentials service is designed to ensure that key critical components of your network are monitored, critical issues are escalated, and important security patches are applied on a weekly basis. Read more about 24×7 Network monitoring and 12×5 Escalation and AllConnected’s Best Practices.

webConnect – Looking to securely host applications in a Private Cloud?

Scalable, green, cloud computing. webConnect delivers virtual servers and desktops from our Data Center.

Scale Resources as you grow
Provision new servers in minutes
Hardware is completed managed