10.4 Million! That’s how many individuals registered for today’s Annual Shakeout, a lot of awareness is being raised about how to prepare for earthquakes.

I didn’t get a picture of her in action, but Angela took the initiative to distribute Shakeout posters throughout our offices and help raise awareness at AllConnected on how individuals, families, and businesses can better be prepared.

Drop, Cover, and Hold On! A few of our team members in the service department holding steady for 60 seconds at 10:19am.
Our Disaster Preparedness kits fully stocked and ready to go!
Posters distributed in over 10 locations throughout our offices to raise awareness.

“Did you feel it?”  If you’re on the phone with a friend or coworker shortly after an significant tremor strikes in a zone common to both of you, and if you can get dial tone, you ask because you want to know how widespread the quake is.  How close were you both to the epicenter?   When will the next one strike?  And will it be the ‘big one’?  Since a 2008 study has forecast a 99.7% chance of an earthquake the size of the Northridge Earthquake or larger anytime during the next 30 years, it’s important we prepare.

Here are some Great resources to help raise awareness within your families and business:


Is your Data Safe?  Would your business be able to Recover?  The Shakeout event also reminds us that the survivability of our business could also be at risk.  If you don’t have an offsite data protection and recovery solution that you trust, and you’ve tested regularly, give me a call.  We’d be happy to conduct an availability assessment at no cost to you.


Happy Drop, Cover, and Hold On,

Alan McDonald
CEO, AllConnected