smartConnect+ CPA
Managed security services for CPAs & Financial Organizations

Tax Professionals are prime targets for cyber criminals today. Why? Your clients’ information – social security numbers, bank accounts, investment accounts, health insurance records, and other PII (personal identifiable information) can be a virtual treasure in the wrongs hands.

For this reason, the new IRS Form W-12: Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) for Application and Renewal now includes a legal requirement for data protection:

The IRS, GLBA, CCPA, and Rule 4557 – SafeGuarding Taxpayer Data, require Tax Professionals and ‘financial institutions’ to develop an Information Security Plan and ensure the security and confidentiality of data. By leveraging these requirements, the NIST Cybersecurity framework, and our policies, processes, and checklists, AllConnected’s smartConnect+ CPA service can help protect your business. (Details, including a full Safeguarding checklist here)

Proactive and ongoing maintenance is critical to prevent cyber breaches from negatively affecting your company. But if you can’t point to where gaps in security lie, are you really protecting valuable relationships and assets? Our CyberSecurity Assessment puts your operations through the paces, revealing weaknesses in your system and formulating recommendations to fix vulnerabilities and ensure every client relationship begins with a solid plan to prioritize and remediate known risks.

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Our smartConnect+ CPA service includes these key features:

Identify and Protect High Risk Data (DLP)
Prepare Employees for CyberAttacks
Outsourced vCIO (Identify/Protect/Detect/Respond/Recover)
Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards for CPAs
Comprehensive Legal and Regulatory Compliance Checklists (compiled from Rule 4557, AICPA, GLBA, California CCPA)
Disaster Recovery program with 4 hour RTO
Security Incident and Event Management (24×7 detection, alerting)

And, if a security breach should ever occur, you will need IT security professionals on your side who can help manage your reputation and get you back on track as soon as possible.

AllConnected offers professional security assessments and services that help instill confidence in all stakeholders that you value their personal data and take the threat of security breaches seriously. Furthermore, an engagement with AllConnected shows your commitment to security and to making things right should any emergency issues come up.

Identifying security liabilities is just the start. Maintaining secure systems requires vigilance and consistency. Learn more about our smartConnect+ CPA services and gain access to ongoing cyber-security maintenance, delivered by a validated and certified provider with over 20 years of experience in IT security.

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