Be Prepared: Plan Ahead. Test Your Plan.

The AllConnected Disaster Recovery And Preparedness Movie Event

Every year, disasters including fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and in some cases unexpected violence affect businesses and families around us. 2017 has been no exception with 69 disasters logged by FEMA alone. Because lives are at stake, pilots, firefighters, FEMA, doctors, and even our children in schools have checklists that they must practice with regularity to ensure they are ready for unexpected disasters.

Don’t wait until a Sith Lord wants access to the sensitive data and applications that run your business. Information Technology, and the people who depend on it are the life of your business today. Having a recovery plan and testing that recovery plan is crucial to ensure on premise and cloud-based infrastructure is healthy, and that disaster recovery systems work as expected.

We’re happy to bring to you an exclusive event focused on ensuring your business and your family are prepared for the unexpected. This unique networking opportunity and 20 minute presentation will include AllConnected’s CEO and special guests talking about real disasters and security issues that face our community and your IT infrastructure, and some actionable steps we all can take today to mitigate those risks.

Our brief presentation will be followed by a private pre-screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Our agenda includes:

Location: Simi Valley
Starts at 5:00pm on Thursday, December 14th
5:00pm – Networking Hour: Join in discussions with the AllConnected team, key vendors, and peers
6:30p – Be Prepared: 4 Critical Steps to Protect Your Family and Your Business,
Know the Risks: Local Victims are losing millions through Business and Personal Email Compromise
Assured Recovery: Your Last Stand Against Ransomware, Breach or Disaster
Presented by: FBI Cyber Squad Task Force Officer and Alan McDonald, CEO
7:00pm – Private Pre-Screening: Star Wars The Last Jedi
After the Show: Raffle Prizes

If assured recoverability and preparedness is critical for your organization, and your family, don’t miss our 4th Premier Annual movie event.

Raffle and Giveaway!
We will be raffling out Propel X-Wing Drones as well as other prizes at the end of the showing!

Join Us!