webConnect Private Cloud Services

Take your company IT infrastructure to the cloud! Into a secure, hosted environment for virtualized servers and storage, business continuity services, and management.

webConnect is a Tier 3 private cloud facility consisting of enterprise class equipment and resources.


With webConnect, you can stop spending money on expensive on-premise servers, cabinets, air conditioning, technical resources, and other products. Never endure another upgrade or suffer power outages, black-outs, and minor data disasters.

Take full control of your IT environment, and provide a consistently strong, safe and secure experience to your staff working in-office or remotely.


Flexible, secure, cost-effective IT infrastructure and compute services
Local Simi Valley, CA office for reduced latency along with:
DARK FIBER: Direct Fiber Connection for a lower cost, highly reliable, higher security, lower latency connection to your data
Geo-Redundant and Validated DR Solution with data centers in Simi Valley, Las Vegas, and East Coast

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Partner with AllConnected, a proven partner in Disaster Recovery, Emergency Support, Advanced Networking, Security, Monitoring, and Patch Management:

Engineering Team intimately knows your systems, requirements, and needs
Your relationship with AllConnected’s owners guarantees a higher level of attention and communications
No more travel fees for engineering support
Get up to 10% Cost Savings when bundling webConnect services with security, patch management, DR, and support (supportConnect)

Every webConnect Cloud Environment contains the following components:

Virtual Private Servers in a basic, midrange, or high-performance configuration
Servers configured for High Availability
Redundant bandwidth circuits
Centralized high-performance SAN storage
Basic Monitoring and email-based escalation
Replication to secondary data center
High-availability power with failover to 72-hour diesel generator for well-managed, consistent current
Edge Firewalls
VPN remote access
Physical access will be enforced by (a) allowing only badged individuals to enter the data center, (b) requiring escorts for non-service provider personnel, (c) in-row video surveillance, and (d) maintaining locked racks.

* What is a Private Cloud? What is the difference between a public and private cloud?

As defined by Gartner, a public cloud is “a style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are provided as a service to external customers using Internet technologies.” In other words, multiple organizations share space on the same physical server, accessed over the internet.

Companies choose a public cloud option over on-premise servers because they can scale their disk space, processing speed, and throughput according to their needs. However, since a public cloud share resources, options are limited, performance may fluctuate, and the environment may not be as secure as a private cloud.

private cloudOn the other hand, a private cloud is “a form of cloud computing that is used by only one organization, or that ensures that an organization is completely isolated from others.”  This option enables your company to have greater control over your environment, from storage size, to CPU, RAM, etc., so that even legacy applications that fail on many public cloud options can be configured to run effectively.

Private cloud security is superior because your company won’t share server space, and access to your resources runs through private and secure network links, rather than through the public internet.

Plus, if your industry requires HIPAA, PCI or other regulatory compliant hosting, the private cloud is the only way to go.

The private cloud environment will not only save money over a traditional on-premise environment, but also, depending on your organization’s needs, you may find it costs less than the public cloud.

Azure Public Cloud vs webConnect Private Cloud

Another reason to consider webConnect: the cost benefit of our private cloud versus a public cloud option like Azure.  A public cloud bills you based on usage like a public utility: the more you use, the higher the bill.

Budgeting for a public cloud is difficult because it’s variable.

AllConnected’s webConnect private cloud, on the other hand, provides you  a consistent monthly cost.

** What is Dark Fiber?

Dark Fiber is an alternative to the typical commercial Internet service that can reduce costs, improve latency, and give organizations the redundancy they need for disaster recovery and business continuity.

The term “dark fiber” refers to unused fiber optic cables that has been laid underground. The greatest cost for cable providers is the installation of cable, so when they have to dig, they bury as many fibers as possible. Those unused cables then become available for lease.

While the upfront and maintenance costs of dark fiber can be prohibitive for many organizations, AllConnected’s webConnect infrastructure can provide access to dark fiber for your company’s data traffic, along with several benefits:

Relatively inexpensive compared to standard ISPs
Improved latency, as data requires fewer network hops to reach its destination
Provides redundancy for internet access. Most ISPs use much of the same physical infrastructure for their services, so an underground Dark Fiber cable may be able to weather a disaster that disrupts other connections

Level Up Your Private Cloud

While other companies may have comparable private cloud environments as webConnect, you can level-up your webConnect with the following:

Your virtual infrastructure needs a private cloud partner that includes security services, backup and DR services, advanced networking, helpdesk, and remediation services to ensure your applications are always available and connected to your stakeholders.

For that reason we offer:

cloudConnect: DRaaS and 10th generation backup/restore services + data archival (pooled per Cloud environment) with options like Office 365 backup and annual compliance recovery testing Per OS and TB

supportConnect: Managed anti-virus and OS Security patching, monitoring, and remediation. Per OS

smartConnect: Outsourced, Managed IT Services and POC Helpdesk support for the hosted/hybrid business Per Endpoint.    Learn more about smartConnect for small business

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