Apparently, today is ‘world backup day’, at least that is what I read in a new blurb today. It seems that there is a day for just about everything. For AllConnected’s 24×7 NOC team, every business day, starting at 6am, is ‘Backup Day’. We often tell clients that our trained team of experts can fix almost every network or computing problem by calling in the right resources. But there is one thing that is often impossible for us to fix. DATA LOSS.

Our Network Operations team monitors and ensures that backups work every day, watching thousands of devices and hundreds of backups, ensuring that they are working properly, and ready for recovery.

While most recognize how critical it is to back up at least once a day, I find it surprising that some still do not give backup the urgent attention that it deserves. Unfortunately, backup is often considered ‘important’, while recovery is always considered ‘urgent’. Because these two don’t align, often, recoveries fail.

Did you know that your computer’s hard drive — the part where all your data is kept — is the computer component most likely to break down unexpectedly?

  • New hard drives fail at an annual rate of 3%
  • A three year old drive has an annual failure rate of 6%. Six percent!


You’d probably be living in absolute terror if you were told that something you rely on everyday — seatbelts, elevator safety mechanisms, or even coffee machines —had a six percent chance of failing. So tell me again, what’s your excuse for not backing up your data?

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